Good news for a local business.

New Ontario Brewing will be taking over production of an additional product next month.

The brew produced at Highlander Brewing Company in South River will now be produced in North Bay.

President Mike Harrison says this is a big deal.

“It’s means a 25-30 % increase in the current volume we’re producing. The brand has been made since 2009 in South River and is the original independent beer brand in Northern Ontario,” he says.

He says they plan to hire two full time workers when production starts.

Harrison says Highlander’s Smoked Porter and Scottish Ale Brands will now be brewed and bottled here.

He says initially plans were in the works to move further south and not north but then something changed.

“We had hired the founder of Highlander Brewing Brian Wilson to be our Production Manager. From our perspective and United Craft’s too we were super glad to keep this Northern Ontario brand alive and well in Northern Ontario,” Harrison says.

In a release, the brewery in South River now known as South River Brewing Company will continue to make beers like Happy Landing, Buck Shot and Rye Road in addition to Scottish Ale and Blacksmith Porter under a different label and not the Highlander one.

As well, the company says they will continue to hire staff out of CTS Canadian Career College as it has a Brewing Technician training program.


(photo by station staff)


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