Originally the Foo Fighters upcoming Van Tour commemorating 25 years of the band being together was just postponed until October. Now the Foo Fighters have decided to outright cancel the tour in light of the ongoing Covid19 situation.



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Important information about the Van Tour 2020.

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The Van Tour 2020 would have had the band revisit stops from their first North American/ US tour in 1995 when they were just travelling in a Dodge van. Now ticket holders will be receiving a full refund for the shows listed above.



Dave Grohl said this about the Foo Fighters’ self-titled debut album release 25 years later:  “It’s funny, some people measure time in days and months and years. But with me, I measure time in musical terms. When I think about 1995 to ’96, that was one thing. When I think of ’90 to ’99, that’s another, and so on. I see my life in these markers that are represented by our music. I feel like I’ve been writing this big story, and specific lyrics and songs relate to specific things that happened to me at those times.”



Dave Grohl does’t let this get him down though, as he’s recently teamed up with Inara Geroge for a charity duet performing her song “Sex in Cars.”