The North Bay Regional Health Centre has received a $10,000 donation from the North Bay Lions Club.

The money will pay for the purchase of equipment used in cataract surgery.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Niranjan Vijay on the impact this donation will have.

“We’re using it to update and add to our cataract surgery trays. The more instruments we have, the latest technology we have means we can provide better services and more efficient services. Cataract is one of the leading causes of reversible blindness in North America,” he says.

The president of the Lions Club Wendy Porter says the money was raised through Lions TV Bingo on COGECO over the last few months.

She says they had a small staff but kept the shows going.

“They worked tirelessly. We’ve made a lot of money. In addition to this support we’ve also helped the Crisis Centre, food banks, women’s shelter and we’ve got another $10,000 to hand out,” Porter says.

(photo submitted by North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation)

(Tammy Morison, President & CEO, NBRHC Foundation; Wendy Porter, President, North Bay Lions Club; Paul Heinrich, President & CEO, NBRHC; Vicky Paine-Mantha, Vice Chair, NBRHC Foundation Board)

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