There have been some design changes to the community centre project and it’s now going to cost more.

Marc Downing of MJM Architects says they’re now pegging the cost at between $32-$34 million with a 6-8 % contingency.

That’s because they’re proposing a 85,000 square foot facility up from the previous estimate of 74,000.

Downing says they’re recommending some additions.

“We did add some change rooms, seats in the north rink and the south rink and we’ve added a site operations room,” he says.

They’re also recommending more insulation.

He says the cost per square foot is down by about $10 from the previous estimate.

The earlier cost estimate for the project was between $29-31 million and a 10 % contingency.

Meantime, Downing says the project has not been delayed due to the pandemic.

He says there will be a gender neutral change room for officials and the facility will have the ability to turn change rooms for hockey into change rooms for football.

Downing is also recommending a veranda outside the facility but it’s not part of the square footage figure.

City Engineer John Severino says there are two federal and provincial funding possibilities to help the city deal with the cost with the lowest one being North Bay’s share at 23 %.

“Obviously, we can’t predict what will happen but having a shovel ready project will be very important this fall,” he says.

That’s the time line now for the project to go out to tender but no decisions yet.

(file photo by station staff)