A peaceful march in support of the Black Lives Matters movement is being planned for Saturday in North Bay.

The march will start at Rollie Fischer Field at 1 pm and make it’s way to City Hall.

Officials say the goal is to peacefully honour and remember the lives that have been lost and continue to be lost as a result of racism and police brutality, including those in Canada.

This protest has been organized by two youths in the community; Kaiden Peldjak, age 17 and Kile George, age 18.  “We decided to organize a peaceful gathering in our own community to show our solidarity with those protesting further south. This issue strikes a chord in our hearts because both of us are young people of colour who have both experienced racism. It is time for northern communities to step up and show their support. Black Lives Matter. They always have and they always will.”

Officials say in regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all participants will be reminded to abide by safety measures, including but not limited to: remaining six feet apart, wearing a mask and gloves, and regularly sanitizing their hands.


(File photo by station staff)


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