Released in 1971, there’s certainly much about the The Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ that’s iconic, and not just the music.

The band experienced many firsts with this record. Here’s a list of 8 things you may not have known about the legendary album.

1.  Sticky Fingers is the first album to be released on Rolling Stone Records.


2.  Mick Jagger is credited with playing guitar for the first time on this album. 


3.  Andy Warhol designed the cover art, and has never revealed who the model with the distinct bulge is.


4.  The original album art which focuses on a model’s crotch was censored by the Franco regime in Spain. Due to the racy nature of the original, they released a second album cover showcasing severed fingers floating in a can of ‘Fowler’s Treacle’.


5.  It’s the first album without founding member Brian Jones who passed away July 3, 1969 at the age of 27. 


6.  Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman owns a restaurant in London called “Sticky Fingers.”


7.  The tongue and lips logo is used for the first time on this Album.


8.  Mick Jagger originally wanted the out stuck tongue of Hindu goddess Kali to be included in the logo.

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