There’s a new fantasy novel on the market and it has been written by a grade 11 Chippewa student.

16 year old Alastair McPherson says ‘From Out of the Shadows’ involves four heroes struggling for their survival and trying to unravel a deadly dark elf plot.

“To the north a human and an elf must learn how to work together if they are to survive a deadly assault from a race of dark elves, meanwhile, in the south a dwarf and a gnome are taken prisoner and must fight for their freedom,” the author from Corbeil says.

McPherson says he’s wanted to publish a book for several years now.

“My Dad told me about Gordon Korman who published his first book when he was 13. I think I was around ten at the time when he told me about Korman and from that point I was dead set on publishing a novel at some point,” he says.

McPherson says he’s busy promoting the book right now, and writing more.

“I’m focusing on just trying to market it and get it out there as best as I can given the circumstances right now. I’m also working on the second book, it’s part of a series, a four book series called ‘The Aeternium Cycle’,” he says.

He says curbside pickup of the book is available at Vested Interest in Callander.

From Out of the Shadows is produced by FriesenPress, and is available for order from most major online book retailers including the FriesenPress Bookstore and Amazon, as well as through direct order.

The eBook is available on the FriesenPress Bookstore and will be coming to Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play.

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