Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic the city has taken some action.

Mayor Al McDonald says city hall will be closed to the public as of Wednesday morning.

He says all other city facilities like Public Works, Parks and the Waste Water and Water Treatment plants will be closed except for appointments.

Facilities will remain open to staff, essential deliveries, and pre-arranged appointments.

The Customer Service Centre can be reached by telephone 705-474-0400, or by email at customerservice@cityofnorthbay.ca.
There are various methods to make non-cash payments, including a drop box outside the main doors of City Hall, online and via telephone.

Please visit www.cityofnorthbay.ca for more details.

The city is asking residents seeking to attend to City-related business do so remotely when possible, online, by phone or through the mail, or delay any business that requires in-person interaction with City employees until a future date.

The Medical Officer of Health Dr. Jim Chirico says they have no cases but there’s steps people can take to reduce the chance of contracting the virus by social distancing and using an alcohol based sanitizer, not touching your face, hand washing with soap, covering your cough and staying home if sick.

Peter Chirico, executive director of the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce says the business community will step up for the health of the community.

“The next few weeks are going to be key. We hope community members will listen to the health experts as to what they say. They are providing the guidance to ensure everyone is safe,” he says.

Hospital CEO Paul Heinrich on what to do if you suspect COVID-19.

“The hospital resources should go to the most acute care needs. If you suspect COVID-19 stay home and call Public Health or your health care provider for additional instruction,” Heinrich says.

Peter Chirico says you can still shop local during this time. He suggests purchase gift certificates.

(photos by Chris Dawson BayToday)



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