There’s a few changes this year to the #Fifty Two Coffees initiative, which is a North Bay Business networking program.

The program last year was limited to business leaders under 30.

This year, it’s been expanded to any age.

Rebecca McGlynn , is the chair of the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce board.

She told BayToday it’s a great idea to involve more experienced business leaders.

“From the feedback last year getting more mentorship opportunities was what some of the young professionals were looking for. It’s a great thing this change,” she says.

Program co-ordinator Bobby Ray there will be more monitoring of the meetings.

” Everyone is required this year to register their meetings and we go through everything two weeks before the meeting to ensure everything is booked. If they’re not booked and we follow up to make sure the meetings go ahead,” Ray says.

He says there will be different frequencies of meetings too meaning not just once a week.

(photo by Chris Dawson BayToday)

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