The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit is relaying various information on the Coronavirus on their website — with a number of links to the provincial Health Ministry, Health Canada and more.

The local site says the risk to Canadians is low and offers information on symptoms, protecting yourself and information for travellers.

Check out for more.

The North Bay Regional Health Centre says it has effective practices to quickly screen, isolate and treat patients for a number of travel-related illnesses including Coronavirus, Ebola,and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.
A release to BayToday says every patient who presents to the Emergency Department is screened and in the event a patient meets the criteria, they would immediately bypass the waiting room and brought to one of the ED’s negative pressure isolation rooms.

The release says the health centre has 22 negative pressure isolation rooms and the ability to create an isolation floor with a 10 bed isolation unit if necessary.

The Health Centre says currently the risk of influenza is greater to the community than the Coronavirus.

A release  says the Infection Prevention and Control Department is in regular contact with Public Health Ontario and the health unit regarding best practices and any changes in status in the community.

(photo by station staff)


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