A councillor’s motion to have staff prepare a report on the merits of a ward system for North Bay municipal elections was defeated Tuesday..
Marcus Tignanelli says he was looking to find out the facts from staff but was disappointed in the 6-4 vote not to support his motion.

“Anytime council has to make a decision on the public’s interest we need to make it on education and the facts. To make a decision on I feel or I believe isn’t good enough. It’s 2020 and the public doesn’t care what you believe, ” he says.

Councillor Bill Vrebosch voted to oppose the motion. He says the report would be a waste of time.

“When you ask for something from city staff it takes a lot of time. It takes a commitment as they want to get it right. I don’t think we need a ward system at this point in time in North Bay,” Vrebosch says.

(photo by station staff)

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