The North Bay Battalion have made several moves.

Chief among them sees Stan Butler re-assigned to special adviser.

He was coach and Director of Hockey Operations.

Those duties belong to two people.

Adam Dennis is the new General Manager and Ryan Oulahen is the new interim head coach.

Dennis says he’s excited about the work ahead

“”We’ve got  forty games left and that’s what we’re telling our group they are going to be judged by the next forty games. What’s happened has happened and we feel we’ve got a way better team than our record,” Dennis  says.

Dennis says he takes the job with mixed emotions.

He says Butler taught him how important it is to be organized but that’s not all.

“His honesty too. If players ever had an issue he told them. Sometimes that doesn’t get taken the right way. When you’re honest it goes a long way. That’s great advice and I wish him the best,” he says.

Dennis says he’s excited to work with Oulahen.

“Ryan and I need to be on the same page on a lot of things. We’ll have disagreements of course but I will ensure what I’m doing is what the team needs is paramount and having that discussion is so important,” he says.

Dennis is very complimentary of Oulahen’s abilities.

“I know what kind of person he is and what kind of values he has. I’m really excited to work him and get to see the energy and the coaching philosophies. We’re in good hands,” Dennis says.

The two assistant coaches are Bill Houlder and Scott Wray.

The Troops are home for Erie on Thursday.

The Troops are last in the east with five wins in 28 games.

Photo by Aaron Bell/OHL Images

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