Christmas is fast approaching and so too is Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve.

22 Wing/CFB North Bay is getting ready for the big night.

21 Aerospace Control and Warning Squadron will be ready to detect, identify and escort the jolly elf on his festive journey across Canada.

Captain Bradley Ticky (pictured below) says their website, goes live today.

“With the countdown clock there are games and other such amusements that you can get on, then the night of they’ll be tracking as well they’ll have some updates based on the Santa cams positioned throughout the World, so we’ll know even when he’s in other countries, not just Canada,” he says.

For over 60 years NORAD has been providing updates on Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve.

To call for Santa’s exact location on Christmas Eve, dial 1-877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) or send an email to

(Photos submitted – File photo above: Cpl Rob Ouellette 22 Wing North Bay, North Bay ON © 2018 DND-MDN Canada)


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