City fire crews responded to two daytime residential fires and one on a movie set last night in North Bay.

Officials say last night’s fire on Hwy 11 North involved some pyrotechnics and was extinguished by the time crews got to the scene.

On Maher Street, Chief Jason Whiteley says they received a call and upon arrival discovered the fire was on the 2nd floor.

“When the crews got to the second floor to do the search and hit the fire the room flashed alert and flashed twice. There was one firefighter injured with a burn to his hand,” he says.

He says no one was home at the time.

There’s no word on a cause.

Earlier crews were dispatched to a fire on Anne Street.

Whiteley says someone put a candle on a working heater and the candle melted.

He says they were able to extinguish that one pretty quickly.

There were no injuries in that fire.


(Photo from Maher Street by Chris Dawson/

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