Canadore’s Village is adding free pulmonary rehabilitation services.
Starting next month, the Centre for Pulmonary Rehabilitation (CPR) will be housed in Canadore’s new innovative health and wellness facility.
College students will be working with the local pulmonary rehabilitation provider to offer the services to patients, who are referred by their doctor.
Customized 8-week programs focus on proper breathing techniques, exercise, nutrition, and disease education.
Clients will also have access to other opportunities and services in the Village including regular monitoring of vital signs, dental cleaning, mobility enhancement, and recreation activities.
Tammy Draper, Registered Respiratory Therapist and President and Program Director of CPR said that being able to offer the services out of the Village has allowed the centre to expand its client base and offer these free services to more people.
“This is such a necessary service. The cost for rehab is not covered by government health care and many patients can’t afford it. Because of this collaboration we can increase in size,” said Draper. “This is a unique approach to pulmonary care. Students from multiple programs and disciplines will work together to create a customized plan. Patients will receive a more comprehensive care plan because of the interprofessional focus of the Village and its students and professors.”
Students will largely be working with patients who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
“This is a unique opportunity for both clients and students to address a holistic review of the client which inevitably improves their quality of life.” said Lisa McCool-Philbin, Academic Lead for the Village and Dean of Health, Human Care and Wellness. “Student-led clinics are an untapped resource to address the whole person which maximizes the health and community life for clients who are accessing the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic. We are very excited to work with Tammy and her team and to deliver an augmented service through the various discipline program specialties at Canadore College,”
Patients must be referred, but public seminars and workshops will be offered in the coming weeks.

(photo by station staff)

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