The next phase of the still to be built Community and Recreation Centre in North Bay has taken place.

A company has been hired to do the architectural and engineering work for the project.

A contract has been awarded to MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects Ltd. for over $1.8 million.

Chair of Infrastructure and Operations Councillor Chris Mayne says there will be plenty of public consultation.

“There’s still lots of time for the public to be involved. They’ll ask for suggestions and the architects will listen, take the information back to the designers. The intent is to have construction start in the fall of 2020,” Mayne says.

Mayne says over the next year council will be looking at getting updates on the design work, then approving it and putting the project out to tender.

He says the West Ferris Arena will stay open throughout this period.

(photo by station staff)

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