The city is planning their 2020 budget and they’re looking for input from local residents.

The first of two open house events on the budget goes Tuesday at city hall from 5pm to 630 pm.

Budget chief Councillor Tanya Vrebosch says the public can learn more about city operations, ask questions about the budget and share their ideas about spending priorities and what matters to them.

“Are there thinks that they like? Are there things that they don’t like? Where would they like see a service increase or decrease? It’s an opportunity for the citizens to have a voice,” she says.

Vrebosch says the the unknown are the budgets of agencies, boards and commissions.

“With the ABC’s that could be a real difference maker and it won’t be on the good side,” Vrebosch says.

She says the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund money will stay the same next year but we don’t know about 2021.

Vrebosch says she’s not in favour of a zero per cent tax increase and growing the city is key right now even though we won’t see the benefit to tax revenue just yet.

Vrebosch expects the budget to pass before the end of the calendar year.

Another session goes Thursday evening (6pm to 8pm) at Memorial Gardens.

Residents can also email feedback and ideas to or drop them off in the suggestion box at Customer Service at City Hall.

(photo by station staff)

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