The new Genome lab has officially opened at Canadore College.

David Villeneuve, a professor the Bio Technology department at Canadore is the new Genomics Lab Co-ordinator.

He says Genomics looks at all the letters that make up the DNA in all of our cells.

He says the lab includes two DNA sequencers that will create the capacity for research in areas such as pharmacology.

He says they will use DNA to measure how individuals process different pharmaceuticals .

“With that map of their human genome physicians will have a better opportunity to get the prescriptions of pharmaceutics right the very first time,” Villeneuve says.

President George Burton says the lab is a good fit for Canadore.

“Based on the science that is driven here this lab is creating programs to train students in evolving fields of study and employment,” he says.

Burton says they will be offering a Applied Genomics and Consultation program as early as next year.

(photo by Canadore College)

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