North Bay’s Dave Innes scored gold in both the 2000m Sprint and 500 m sprint in Para Rowing at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta in St. Catharines on the weekend.
He set a new personal best in the 2000m with a time of 13:07.

Innes says he was pleased with his performance as this was his first competitive race since he started training. But he says that wasn’t the only first.

“It was also the first time in my boat in a different waterway. Trout Lake is the only place I’ve been rowing. A different waterway, and different currents. It’s a whole different feeling being in another waterway,” Innes says.

He told BayToday he’s glad where he is competitively at this point.

“I just wanted to get into a race and see what what my times were for the two k. My time was better than expected,” he says.

Innes is preparing for the Nationals in September.

They will take place in British Columbia.

(photo by Chris Dawson Bay Today)

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