It’s an important time for North Bay’s Ryan Hunter.

The NFL exhibition season is in full swing and Hunter is trying to crack the roster of the Kansas City Chiefs.

He told Bay Today he’s competing for a spot on the offensive line and is right now 3rd on the depth chart.

“I’m just trying to fit it wherever they need me and do what I can to show them I deserve a spot on the team. I’ve been playing a lot of guard and centre lately,” he says.

Hunter signed a contract with the Chiefs earlier this year.

He says this is his 2nd camp and he knows what to expect this year.

“This year I’m doing the right things on and off the field. The first year you are feeling your way around but in the 2nd year you’re more comfortable and you’re focused on football and not worrying about all the other stuff,” Hunter says.

The Chiefs won the pre-season opener on the weekend against Cincinnati and play Pittsburgh this weekend.

Hunter says he hopes to stick with the Chiefs but if not he hopes to get a tryout with another NFL team later in camp.

He was asked about any advice he has for local young football players.

“You should believe in yourself, put your nose to the grind and if you have the talent and a good work ethic good things will happen for you,” he says.

(photo supplied by Facebook)

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