The owner of Ultimate Sportscards, a hockey card and sports memorabilia store isn’t too happy with the city right now.

He told BayToday his business is being impacted by the Cassells Street road construction project.

Rob Collins says the summer is usually a busy time but that’s not the case this year.

“We’ve seen about 4 or 5 of the regular people. Usually, we get between 30-50 regular out of town customers and that’s a huge decrease,” he says.

In a release the city says it works to mitigate disruptions caused by road construction work by reviewing projects and holding information open houses before any work takes place so that affected property owners and the general public have an opportunity to ask questions and raise concerns.

The city says it also ensures that advance notices of construction activity are delivered to nearby properties.

Signage for businesses located in the section of Cassells Street now under construction has been placed along the detour route and we will be looking today at placing additional signage at the road closure blockades on Cassells Street.

Collins told BayToday in the long run he does see the benefit of the project.

“They’ll have 4 lanes, there’ll be more traffic, there’ll be more visibility and the city will make our front yard look pretty again. It’s a positive sign but I don’t like to see these barricades everywhere,” Collins says.

(photo by Chris Dawson BayToday)

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