Several events are lined up for North Bay Pride starting today with the flag raising at 4 pm at City Hall.

There’s also a drag show tonight at the Grande Event Centre. The doors open at 7 pm.

Last night, diversity was a hot topic at the North Bay City Council meeting.

Nick George (pictured above presenting to Council) is Two Spirit and says all access bathrooms are needed in city buildings.

“Not just for transgender people or Two Spirit but everyone including people with disabilities, families, people with anxiety issues or people with PTSD,” Nick says.

Nick says he’s had several difficult experiences in washrooms.

“I’ve been pushed against the wall in the men’s bathroom, I’ve been sworn at, I’ve had men try to pee on me, I’ve had women tell me to ‘go pee outside like the animal I am’,” he says.

Mayor Al McDonald says Nick’s story was tough to hear.

“I wish people would be more respectful. We heard Nick and we want to make some changes to make our community more inclusive,” he says.

As well, Jason Maclennan of the North Bay Pride Committee is calling on council to strike a committee that will advise council on inclusion. He says the committee could be involved in a number of areas.

“Making recommendations around safer spaces training as a prime example. Working with police on language or how to interact with the trans or queer community,” he says.

Other events this week include:
Thursday, July 18 – One Love Proclamation followed by Coffee Meet 7 to 9pm. Hosted by Indulge and SugarDaddys Cupcakes & Catering (Free Coffee and event)
Friday, July 19 – Stand By Your Colour Boat Cruise! Boarding is 930pm, hosted by the Chief Commanda II and The Noble Steed – Food is included in Ticket Price
Saturday, July 20 – March/Walk from North Bay City Hall – Gather by 1130am!
Saturday, July 20 – Pride Family Picnic – Hosted by the North Bay & Area Labour Council
Saturday, July 20 – Foam Party! Come in your favourite glow paint and colour! Hosted by The Summit and Avail Cannabis & Medical Clinics
Saturday, July 20 – 2SLGBTQ+ Youth Dance 18 and under – St Andrews Church 8pm to midnight
YMCA supports North Bay Pride by hosting a 2SLGBTQ+ Family event on July 21, 2019 from 1 to 3pm

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(Photo by station staff)

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