Summer Challenge 2019 presents “Newsies!” later this week at St Joseph-Scollard Hall.

The production is inspired by the real-life Newspaper Boys strike of 1899 in New York City.

“They’re rebelling to get their rights back and be paid equally to everyone else,” says Megan McArthur, a Summer Challenge veteran who’s heading into grade 10 at St Joseph-Scollard Hall in September.

She says 54 students in grades six through 12 have been rehearsing since mid-May.

“The cast has worked really hard on the production, all the dances and songs are really well done. It’s an amazing production,” McArthur says.

She says the production features plenty of music, which is appropriate for all ages.

Kyller McKay, who’s going into grade nine at SJSH this fall, is looking forward to hitting the stage again with the program.

“I was in it last year, but only had an assemble part, this year I have one of the leads and I’m very proud to say how the show is coming together, it’s a really great show,” he says.

‘Newsies!’ is on stage this Thursday through Saturday, July 18-20th, at the Bishop Carter Auditorium, St. Joseph-Scollard Hall.

Tickets are $10 and are available at the school office and Creative Learning.


(Photo by station staff)

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