Mark King says there’s no re-course to fight further a decision by the Conservative Party of Canada to strip him of his nomination win on June 17th in North Bay.

It was learned this week that Callander Councillor Jordy Carr will be the party’s candidate in the fall election despite King’s success on nomination night.

He says at issue is the party’s contention that a corporate credit card was used by King to buy several memberships something King says didn’t happen.

“I or anyone on my team did anything to circumvent the process,” he says.

He says he was vetted by the party throughout the nomination period.

“We went through an extensive process and I was approved as the nominee. Then at the end of the nomination period they refused to allow me to vote,” King says.

King says he purchased memberships for himself, his daughter, his wife and his wife’s mother.

He was asked at a news conference if Liberal MP Anthony Rota’s chances of being re-elected have changed.

“I’m going to congratulate him right now,” he says.

(photo by station staff)

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