There’s a new leader of North Bay Police.

The official swearing in of new Police Chief Scott Tod took place Thursday.
Tod says he wants North Bay Police to be the finest police service in the country. He says top of mind is the health of police members.

“Post traumatic stress disease, occupational stress injury and how many significant traumatic events a police officer has experienced in their career. And we address that by providing better peer support programs internally and better psychological services for our members,” he says.

He says if police officers feel good about themselves and the job they’re doing they’ll serve the communities of North Bay and Callander better.

Tod says he’ll focus on cyber crime and how to support the victims of cyber crime locally.

The new deputy chief Michael Daze was sworn in as well.

He says the new chief is setting the bar high to how officers go about their daily duties in the community.

“We’re accountable back to the community. What we do here is a response to the needs and the safety of our citizens. We need to set that level high and to strive to keep that level higher and higher,” Daze says.

Daze says he’s got to learn got a lot to learn about North Bay and Callander but there’s a real community feel here from his new new co-workers and the community.

(photos by station staff)

(Outgoing chief Shawn Devine receiving applause and bottom photo of new deputy chief Michael Daze being sworn in)

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