The North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority has extended the flood warning for the North Bay and Callander shoreline of Lake Nipissing to Friday.

Officials say the recent rain has caused water levels to rise and more rain is in the forecast for Thursday and Friday.

Lake Nipissing’s level has risen 3 cm in the last day and strong westerly winds are causing an increase in levels on the east side of Lake Nipissing.

Kurtis Romanchuk, NBMCA Duty Officer says the increased levels may pose a threat to properties along the Lake Nipissing and Callander Bay shoreline, as well as along the lower La Vase River and Jessups Creek.

Also, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is advising residents in the Lake Nipissing area that a Flood Warning is in effect until Monday.

(photo by station staff)

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