There were no injuries this morning at Jack Garland Airport when a Piper Navajo Dual Engine plane with two people on board was forced to make an emergency landing.

North Bay Deputy Fire Chief Greg Saunders says firefighting crews were on-scene conducting training at the time.

“Their landing gear wouldn’t come down so we had to prepare for an emergency landing. Thankfully, the pilot did a terrific job landing the plane on the belly of the fuselage without landing gear,” he says.

Saunders says firefighters from Station 2 and Station 1 responded with their Aircraft Rescue firefighting vehicles.

Saunders says the pilot informed them that the plane was at a critical fuel level and needed to land immediately.

He says there was a fire in the cab of the plane that was put out and the plane suffered significant damage.


(photos submitted by North Bay Fire and Emergency Services)

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