You can blame a Texas low tracking across Southern Ontario for all the rain we’re expecting today (Friday).

Environment Canada’s rainfall warning says rain, heavy at times, will amount to 25 to 40 millimetres by tonight, while some areas could exceed 50 mm.

With all the rain in the forecast, combined with the snow melt, a flood warning continues for the North Bay-Mattawa area.

The Conservation Authority says the warning is now in effect until next Thursday and also includes Lake Nipissing.

Water levels are already high in area water courses and are expected to go up even further.

Flooding is also a concern in other parts of the province.

Huntsville and Bracebridge are both under states of emergency.

The City of Ottawa has also issued a state of emergency because the swollen Ottawa River, and other waterways in the region, pose a danger.

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(File photo by station staff)

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