With shouts of ‘enjoy your breakfast’ a few dozen people rallied in front of the Grande Event Centre this morning (Friday) ahead of a Chamber of Commerce breakfast event with MPP Vic Fedeli.

Labour Council President Henri Giroux was at the rally as a concerned citizen.

He says the budget is negatively impacting education, healthcare, Indigenous Affairs and much more.

“They’re looking for a balanced budget, but at the end of the day it shouldn’t be on the people’s back,” He says. “The responsible thing to do as a financial person is to find some revenue.”

Giroux says they’re letting local business leaders know they’re going to be impacted by this budget, too.

“We shop at your shops, we do grocery shop and we go to your place, we want to have money in our pockets to be able to do that, and right now, the way the budget is, we’re not going to be able to do that,” he says.

Solidarity Nipissing organized the rally.

Inside, Ontario’s Finance Minister is speaking about the recent budget and it’s impact and benefits for business.