The city says it’s using the federal gas tax money to pay for rehabilitation work at the Jack Garland airport.

Chair of General Government Councillor Tanya Vrebosch says they’re were hoping to get $1.2 million for this from FedNor but their application was denied.

She says unfortunately that’s been a familiar story lately.

“We asked for $1 million under accessibility for the community centre and we were denied. two other ones for the airport for the same thing. At some point we need a little help,” Vrebosch says.

She says last year all of their applications to the feds were denied and this makes three for this project alone and the last six overall.

The project involves the rehabilitation and upgrade of the crosswind runway and approach light system which had been in continuous use for over 35 years.

Vrebosch says they were hoping to put this $1.2 million towards road repairs.

“In 2016 we were doing really well with grant applications. In 2017, things started to taper off a little bit but in 2018, all of our applications were denied that’s pretty well unheard of,” she says.

(file photo taken by station staff)

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