OPP advising of changing water conditions due to the recent weather.

Three male snowmobilers became stuck in slush on Lake Nipissing Thursday and had to be helped out by the West Nipissing Fire Department.

Police say no injuries were reported but they snowmobilers were very wet and cold.

Snowmobilers are advised to stay off the lakes because they’re slushy and very difficult to travel on.

Shawn Flindall is the marketing and communications director for the North Bay Snowmobile Club.

“From a trail perspective, there will be limitations and closures because of water on the trails and the lakes are a mess,” he says.

Flindall told BayToday conditions are changing rapidly.

“There are places that have 36 inches of ice but there are others near running water that are getting down to nothing. It happens that fast and we need people to be super cautious this time of year,” Flindall says.

OPP also advising of changing road conditions due to the recent weather.

There’s plenty of “standing” or pooling water on the roadways right now.

Police say the ground is frozen so the water isn’t going anywhere.

Motorists are asked to slow down for your own safety and the safety of others until road crews can channel the water off the roads.

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