A couple of major announcements at Canadore College.

First, a 20-year training agreement has been announced involving the College and a division of World Care Canada.

The agreement with MiST EDUCare Canada will see 200 Nigerian students in nursing and respiratory therapy train at Canadore each year.

James Makinde is the organizations President’s and CEO. (pictured with Canadore President George Burton)

He says Canadore has a lot of strengths that came out in the search process on where to send their students for training.

“While we were looking for partners we received great information about Canadore. Canadre has a great track record, they have a big community presence and the college isn’t far from Toronto,” he says.

College president George Burton says this will have a big impact for the college.

‘It means more international students are coming to North Bay, it means we’ll be in Nigeria and we’re quite excited as Nigeria as it’ll be the 3rd largest country in the world by 2035,” Burton says.

As well, a $45 million pharmaceutical plant was announced with construction to start next year.

Frank Suraci is a vice president with World Care Canada.

He says the North Bay facility will be a 100,000 sq. ft. facility with space for a warehouse, production, labs and classrooms.

He says Canadore was chosen because there’s no disparity here between what they’ll pay employees and their ability to purchase a home unlike Toronto.

“The disparity between the salary and the house is huge. You come to North Bay making that kind of money you can afford a house and that employee stays with you and you don’t get the competition of a huge employee turnover,” Suraci says.

He says 120 jobs will be created

Burton says the plant will help The Village project in a big way.

“Training people for different careers in the region. We know that the plant will attract more industry related to health care and that means more job and training opportunities for residents and the college. It’s a win,win, win,” he says.



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