A North Bay city councillor is looking to see if GM workers being impacted by the impending plant closure in Oshawa may want to fill skilled labour positions here.
Mike Anthony says employers consistently tell them they need workers.
“We have had these local employers screaming for skilled trades people that they simply can’t find, so the idea is to see if those folks in Oshawa would be interested in those jobs here,” he says.
They’re in the planning stages right now with the idea.
“We’ve already got two key components, with the help of YES Employment and then reaching out to the Oshawa counterparts, then we have the staff side, saying they love the idea,” Anthony says.
General Motors has announced it will shut down the Oshawa Assembly Plant by the end of the year.
Earlier this week, officials in Sault Ste. Marie announced they plan on reaching out to GM employees in Oshawa.
The Soo’s Deputy chief administrative officer Tom Vair says they’re looking to fill about 300 jobs, about 250 of them with Algoma Steel.
Vair says it is part of an effort to attract young people, skilled workers and “Saultites”to a city that is aging.
(With files from The Canadian Press)

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