Mattawa OPP are looking for a suspicious male.

Police say at 9 Tuesday morning officers attended a school to speak to a 9 year old boy and a parent.

The boy was walking on Henry Street in Mattawa when a driver in a dark grey pickup truck rolled down his window and offered the child $10.00 to help him get unstuck.

The child replied that he did not talk to strangers and kept walking.

Police describe the driver as wearing sunglasses and a balaclava that was pulled down to his eyes.

Police say they’re hoping that the driver will come forward to police on his own.

But if anyone has any information to call them.

Police remind parents to talk to their children about strangers and about safe grownups like teachers, neighbours, or grandparents.

Also, police say if someone makes them feel unsafe, advise the child to yell and find a safe grown up.

As well, create a safe word that the only people who the child can leave with must know the safe word.

Police say it’s okay for the child to say no to a stranger or to anyone that makes them feel uncomfortable.



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