If the chair of Engineering and Works has his way you could get a small break on your water bill.

Councillor Mike Anthony supports an increase of just over 1 %.

He says that’s lower than the recommended option.

“Up to 2.41% depending on how this plays out. There’s a way to reduce it to 1.03% which would save the average home owner 7 or 8 dollars a year. But across the city there would be significant savings across the city to see that kind of reduction,” Anthony says.

Other members of his committee disagree with Anthony but he decided to move it forward anyway because he says staff has worked hard on finding savings.

“They came back and found a way to add an employee at no new cost and showed how we could use $200,000 out of an almost $1 million surplus to reduce the water and waste water rate,” he says.

The 2.41 % increase would see a slight increase in your bill.

His recommendation will come up for a vote next week.

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