100 women, 100 dollars and 100 hours.

That’s the focus of a campaign to support the Trinity United Church Infant Food Shelf.

Organizers hope to raise $10,000 to support infant needs.

Wendy Abdallah says the Food Shelf at the church opened in 2014 in response to a pressing need for baby supplies to nurture healthy children and families in North Bay & Area.

She says all the money supports babies between 0-12 months in the North Bay area through the purchase of a variety of items.

“That can buy formula, wipes, diapers, baby blankets and breast feeding supplies. Anything that’s essential and crucial to the livelihood of a child under 12 months,” she says.

Eleven year old Ella Oschefski got the fundraising off to a big start with a $100 donation.

She says she’s never wanted for basic necessities.

“The chance to have the food we need to grow up in a healthy family. For others that can’t happen because they don’t have that money and that ability,” she says.

Reverend Ted Harrison says they’ve had this program at the church since 2014 and have supported 115 babies a year 0-12 months.

He says the effort is timely as its a great way of giving back to those less fortunate.

At Thanksgiving many of us do have the means and are in a position to share the means to the health of our children and the society around us,” he says.


Donations can be made by eTransfer to:

  • trinityuc.treasurer@gmail.com (Password: givingthanks)

Donations can be made by drop off of cheques payable to “Trinity Infant Food Shelf” to:

  • Trinity United Church – 111 McIntyre Street East
  • Cor Maximus – 1501 Seymour Street
  • Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork.ca – 391 Oak Street East



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