One of only two B-29 bombers left in the world is at the Jack Garland airport.

The WWII vintage plane known as Fifi is on display from Wednesday to Saturday.  The airport’s Commercial Development Manager, Kelly Hewitt says this is truly a must-see piece of history.

“The B-29 is the same model that dropped the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  It’s probably one of the largest four-engine bombers to close out World War 2.”

The bomber was built as a replacement for the older ans smaller B-17 and B-24 models. Hewitt says the museum tour putting on the display says North Bay is perfect for hosting these types of events because of the military presence and 10,000-foot runway at Jack Garland airport.

“They’ve staying away from the busier international airports for the tour. They’ve stopped in Gatineau, Peterborough and it’s making a stop in Sudbury next.”

Admission to see the super fortress is $12 for adults while you can also book rides on the bomber for this Saturday and Sunday.