Ufology Research has released its 2017 survey on U-F-O sightings across the country, with some reported in our area too.

A couple were in North Bay with one reporting a white sphere about the size of a golfball traveling in a straight line then fading.

Another describes an irregular object discovered when a Snapchat video was examined, but also questions whether it’s a bug.

In Mattawa, it was reported that a white irregular object like a parachute was hanging in the sky and moving slowly while in South River, an orange sphere approached witnesses then moved away.

The Manitoba-based group found that there was just over 11-hundred sightings of unidentified flying objects across Canada, an average of three a day.

About eight per cent of those were deemed unexplainable.

Ufology Research says while the number of sightings remains high, there is no concrete evidence that U-F-O cases actually involve extraterrestrial contact.

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(With files from The Canadian Press)

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