In this week’s Deadspin Funbag, guest columnist Albert Burneko is asked which rock band is the best if you only grade them based on their five finest songs. “The Rolling Stones,” he answers, while conceding that their catalog features a “high ratio of trash to very good songs.” He goes on to eliminate the also-rans by reasoning, “Guns N’ Roses don’t have a fifth-best song that measures up; on any list of Led Zeppelin’s five best songs, three of them are songs they just straight-up stole from other musicians; nobody actually likes any Queen songs. Metallica has a lot of great songs that rule very hard, and I can’t tell any two of them apart. Get out of my face with U2.” If the same query referred to solo artists, Burneko says he’d choose Prince or Amy Winehouse.
I do have to take exception with some of his comments. Queen has some killer songs, Led Zeppelin’s catalogue has plenty of great songs that they didn’t “borrow” from the blues and what about The Beatles?
I have to say my choice would be Led Zeppelin based on songs like “Ramble On”, “Stairway To Heaven”, “Immigrant Song”, “Kashmir” and “Over The Hills And Far Away” alone. Who would you band be?
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