A local businessman has announced his intention to run for the Liberals in Nipissing for June’s provincial election.

Stephen Glass owns Wendigo Lake Expeditions which operates Project D.A.R.E., which describes itself as a company that operates adventure therapy programs for young people.

Glass says he will run a positive campaign and will highlight many of the governments successes.

“Two hospitals out of 27 that were promised were built in this riding. We have a very good economy that is outperforming all of the G7 nations. We have an unemployment rate of 5.5 per cent,” he says.

He says he will defend the government but also point out the pitfalls of a Doug Ford government.

“He’s talking about giving $1.5 billion tax cut to corporations that have the lowest tax rate in Canada and claw back a dollar an hour pay raise to the poorest hard working people in Ontario,” Glass says.

The release says a nomination meeting will be held in the near future.

There are five people already nominated as candidates in Nipissing:

Vic Fedeli (Progressive Conservative) Incumbent
Henri Giroux (New Democratic Party)
Trevor Holliday (Northern Ontario Party)
Bond Keevil (Libertarian Party)
Kris Rivard (Green Party of Ontario)

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