The city now has a parental leave policy for its council members.

The provincial government brought in this proposal last year but it’s not mandatory for just over a year.

General Government Committee chair Sheldon Forgette says the policy still doesn’t mean councillors can’t take an interest in city business while they’re on leave.

“Being a city councillor doesn’t stop when you’re on leave. When you’re doing groceries people will stop you and talk about city business. You’ll always get those emails and the messages. Some people will say when you’re on leave you’re on leave but others will say if you’re on leave you should have to answer some of your work calls too. It depends what kind of person you are and if you believe in staying in touch with the office while you’re off.”
He says the province has gone a long time without a leave policy for its municipal politicians and he thinks it’s a good time to have one.
The policy states it will be at the discretion of of the member if they wish to receive remuneration while on leave.

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