It’s not often city council rejects a recommendation on a request for proposal.

But that’s what happened last night (Tuesday).

The RFP was for the purchase of 8 half ton crew cab trucks.

The highest score in the RFP went to Highbury Ford Sales out of London edging out two local companies Farquhar Chrysler and Stockfish Ford.

Council rejected the recommendation by a 5-4 vote with the mayor casting the deciding vote.

Councillor Derek Shogren has been an outspoken critic of previous decisions to go outside of North Bay for city business.

“There’s also value in a local company that has invested millions of dollars in new facilities here as well as given to every single charity that’s out there. And we’re giving it to a faceless group outside,” he says.

Councillor George Maroosis says he understands where his fellow councillors are coming from, but there are rules and regulations around purchasing.

He says they’re bound by law not to give preferential treatment.

“Sometimes we purchase things locally. It didn’t work out that way this time. You’ve got to follow the rules or you might just as well throw the rule book out,” he says.

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