Provincial governments are examining the benefits of decriminalizing impaired driving.

British Columbia has already done so and Alberta has looked at it as well.

Under the plan motorists would receive a roadside sanction which could be a fine, roadside towing or a license suspension but not a criminal charge.

North Bay Police Shawn Devine was asked about the idea.

“It’s not only the criminal charge and the costs that’s involved in that but the increase in insurance too. I know the mayor is an advocate for not drinking and driving. I think if people knew the total cost they might be in shock.”

Still he says there would have to be a criminal piece too if people continue to drive while impaired.

The local president of the MADD chapter Erin Celebre says when someone drives impaired they could be responsible for someone’s death.

“If that is ever a consideration my opinion is it (decriminalizing impaired driving) should be taken off the table immediately.”

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