City Council is joining the chorus of voices from the north supporting efforts to restore reliable and affordable passenger rail service to the region.
A motion involving the efforts of the Northern and Eastern Ontario Rail Network received unanimous support Tuesday night.
Councillor Mac Bain says one of the challenges before was that it was heavily subsidized.
“If it comes back, it has to make economic sense. But, I was on the TTC in downtown Toronto, on the subway, and it is heavily subsidized by the province, also GO is subsidized,” he says.
The motion says passenger rail is essential infrastructure for economic development in the north.
Bain says there are other benefits too.
“If you can put a mass amount of people in a rail car and headed to Toronto, as opposed to putting all those vehicles on the road, it is much more environmentally friendly,” he says.
Bain also says the ONTC would be a natural fit.

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