MP’s are back in the House of Commons today and tax reforms and justice issues are two big items up for discussion.

The Conservatives plan to fight the Liberal plans to close tax loopholes for small business.

MP Anthony Rota says there is concern locally with tax reforms, because there are different messages coming across.

“What’s important is that we clarify and make sure that we’re all singing from the same song sheet, both the taxpayer and the government, to make sure that we all understand what’s there,” he says.

Rota also says NAFTA negotiations continue and they want to make sure they get the best deal they can for Canada.

He says the issue came up when he was at a conference in Mississippi this summer.

“Canada has more support than we might think with most states in the U.S. Most of them do run trade surpluses with us and don’t want to lose that trade,” he says.

The government also wants to act quickly on priorities like the legalization of marijuana, a tougher law on impaired driving and the new National Security Act.

(With files from The Canadian Press)

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