The next phase of the automated vehicle location system at the city is being implemented.

Previously, the city was tracking 46 vehicles and now at a cost of $98,000 another 101 vehicles can be tracked.

Chair of Engineering and Works Councillor Tanya Vrebosch says the avl system provides real time information on what the vehicles have been up to and that helps in addressing concerns from taxpayers.

She says examples include whether the vehicle was was going too fast, or didn’t stop at a bus stop, was idling too long or where a snow plow was damaged.

She says the information will tell also them how how much fuel is being used and even how much sand and salt is spread on different routes.

Meantime, the city has reached an agreement with Nipissing University for transit services.

Last year, the agreement resulted in $519,000 for the city with 2,900 bus passes being sold.

The passes are going up 4 per cent this year and slightly higher amounts the next two years.

The city projects revenue to reach 544,000 this year.

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