The president of the North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce says he’s glad he got to give a provincial committee last week a take on how the business community feels about the impact of a proposed increase to the minimum wage.

Peter Chirico says business is not against an increase but their concern is the speed its happening and the lack of consultation by the government.

He wishes they had done an economic study .

He says most businesses look at the economics of increasing something like the minimum wage and that hasn’t been done.

Chirico says with the minimum wage increase being a possible election issue he was asked if if they’ve gone to the opposition conservatives and get their view but he says they haven’t.

Chirico says his job is to represent business and that what he’s doing.

He says business is the lifeblood of the economy and can’t run deficits like governments can. Chirico says if they do they’ll be out of business.

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