A new Statistics Canada Data Centre is now open at Nipissing University.

The 700 square foot $360,000 facility has received federal,and provincial funding as well as support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

The research at the centre wil lbe conducted by Dr David Zarifa, an associate professor of Sociology at the university.

He says the research will look at what types of post secondary education young people are looking at in northern and rural communities.

He says the research will address what issues are students influenced by and what determines whether they go to college, university or take the trades.

MP Anthony Rota says the information answers questions for governments on how they can best serve the population. Zarifa says having a Statistics Canada Data Centre at Nipissing has some positive implications down the road for the university as
it allows the university to attract top faculty from across the country. Nipissing is also now a partner of the nationwide Canadian Research Data Centre Network

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