I was out with friends last weekend when one of them pulled out his phone and started to play me songs from this new band he’d discovered. They’re a young Michigan rock group called Greta Van Fleet and when you hear them for the first time you might get a sense that you’ve heard this before. I believe this band sounds like Led Zeppelin incarnate, complete with a singer who is a dead ringer for Robert Plant. They’ve got the legendary riffs but they still manage to round it out with their own new spin on that classic rock sound. The members of Greta Van Fleet point to influences like Howlin Wolf, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Black Sabbath, and Cream among others.
Their four-song EP is selling well on iTunes(I downloaded it myself this week), and they are getting a lot of buzz, particularly since their song, “Highway Tune” was used in a episode of the HBO show “Shameless” earlier this year. Check out the video for “Highway Tune” below and if you’re so inclined I would encourage you to seek out their four-song new EP “Black Smoke Rising” which includes the song.

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