Sousse, Tunisia  GOOGLE MAPS
Sousse, Tunisia GOOGLE MAPS

(The Canadian Press) There are terror attacks in Tunisia and France today with many dead and wounded and some attackers captured.

Tunisia’s Interior Ministry says two gunmen opened fire on a beach near two hotels in the coastal resort city of Sousse.  

The death toll is now reportedly 37, with 36 injured.

One gunman was killed and police are pursuing another.

Meantime, in France, authorities say one person has been beheaded in an attack and explosion at a gas factory in the southeastern part of the country.

Three French officials say the decapitated victim found in an attack on an American gas factory in France was the suspect’s employer.

Officials say banners with Arabic writing were found near the body.

French officials say the attack began mid-morning when a car crashed into the entrance of the factory and into gas canisters, touching off the explosion.

Several attackers have been arrested.

And in Kuwait City, at least 16 worshippers at a Shiite mosque have been killed and dozens wounded in a bombing.    The Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, France. GOOGLE MAPS